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A couple of months ago my wife, myself, our 17 year old cat and 8 month old Juke moved into our present home, a nice little place with a detached garage which, upon measuring, turned out to be capable of accommodating only a bicycle and Council wheelie bin but never, ever a motor car. Only the municipal dolts employed by the local Council's planning department could've approved a planning application from a developer seeking to misrepresent the form and function of a 'garage'. Building Inspectors who signed off on the developmenr are likewise certifiable. So now, after 50 years motoring ownership, the latest of our cars doesn't have a home of its own, and is stuck on our drive overnight.
Also now, winter has arrived in my part of the world and night time temperatures are down to freezing point, so in the morning it's a helluva faff getting the car to warm up and the windscreen cleared.

What I'd like to buy is a windscreen ice/frost protector, suitable for fitting to a 2020 model Juke rather than its predecessor. Hunting around the web has produced no such item; indeed, one potential supplier I contacted said it had no idea what would fit a 'new generation' (huh?) Juke's windscreen but if I ordered the biggest size that should take care of it. In ofher words, in looking for a coat for my cat I'm advised to buy one to fit an elephant. Riiiight.

I thought Halfords might have something sensible to offer but the bean counters there are trying their best to screw every penny out of customers, so that it's not possible to buy a screen protector on its own. Must buy a £12 pack including woolly mitts that I don't want and de-icer, of which I now already have more than sufficient.

I just wondered, if any one on here with a Juke similar to ours in terms of age has purchased a windscreen ice/frost protector in recent times and if so, are they happy with it? A link to the product would be helpful. Many thanks: Grateful Newbie.:)
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