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Typically, every weekend (spring, summer, fall) I head for this old parking lot just beside the automated car wash.. which is actually near a shopping center.. The last two cars I've had, I would pull in have the car washed then exit to the vacant lot.
Spending about 2 hours cleaning or detailing the car (wiping down the water droplets) I began to get a bit more precise in my habits. Always keeping a few things in the back just for this reason.. Cleaning kit, on board air system and a portable floor jack.. I end up doing more then many would figure that I can.
Different rags for different surfaces, Spot removers, wheel polishing tools etc.. I guess I can never have to much.
But once I recall attending a car show.. and learn from a fellow enthusiast.. that "Tire Foam" doesn't have to be just for tires.. Sure spray on your tires and allow to dry or wipe off. But here is the trick.. Most of the time (once every 5000 miles) I would use the floor jack, lift up the car and remove one tire at a time, to get into the wheel wells and clear any debris form air ports, break areas etc..
While the tire is off I would wipe down the rim/wheel and clean the break dust off. Inspect the tire for uneven wear or punctures. But just before placing the tire back onto the car.. I would spray the tire foam (after cleaning in and around the wheel well) and allow to set. If you think about it.. give the wheel well one good cleaning once every 5000 miles and spray with tire foam afterward.. will help keep the loose debris away from many of the working components and give the underside a clean, chirps look. (Wet Look)
So some time when you want to "get up close and personal" with your car.. try the tire foam treatment.
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