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Hi everyone
Please forgive me if this is in the wrong section .
First of all my name is Steve and I have recently purchased a 2013 Nissan juke 1.5 diesel.
I have had a few niggles but mostly now sorted .
The biggest issue I had was terrible vibrating on start up and when pulling away .
After doing some digging it seems quite a lot of juke owners have this issue .
There are various posts that seem to blame the vibration on new timing belt and water pump replacements among others I can however confirm and would encourage all owners with this vibration to peer though the front bumper at the intercooler mounting (the one that can been seen )

I am very pleased to say I have no noise now , no vibration at all .
I have done a temporary repair using two large tyraps .
I removed the skrivets x3 from under the bumper, squrted WD 40 on the rubber mounting for the intercooler then turned clockwise to sort of screw the rubber down
I then joined the tyraps together and fed it over the subframe and over the top of the mounting for the intercooler .
Pull the tyrap as tight as you can and you will pull the intercooler back into position away from the radiator it was vibrating on
Cut the end of the tyrap and replace the skrivets x3 to the underside of the bumper Start the engine and enjoy the sound of silence .
Hope this helps someone
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