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Just read last weeks edition on Auto Express can along an article for someone who had £15k to spend on a tall riding premium car and was asking what they recommended, in their list was the Juke here is what they said the cars offered by auto express were Merc B class, Skoda Yeti, Honda Jazz and the JUKE

"While Nissan doesn't have quite the same brand image as Mercedes, the Japanese company's Juke will take some beating if you're looking for reliability or quirkiness.
As long as you can live with the bold looks,it's an enticing package. Ahigh driving position makes it feel larger than it is although rear space and boot capacity are more supermini than family car. As it's still so new, there are pros and cons to buying used. The Juke should still have some resale value when you come to trade it in, but prices are still so high, you'll really be stretching your budget to snap one up,its not the last word in dynamic ability either.

Sum up FOR: Looks, easy to park,frugal diesel engine
Against: High Used values, interior plastics
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