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I have a 2016 Juke 1.2 Dig-T N-connecta.
Purchased as a used car in 2018.
Timing chain was replaced under warranty on 6/3/2019. Was told at the time I was lucky this happened in the warranty period.
However, car broke down again yesterday and it appears to be the Timing Chain.

I believe the work / part was gtd for 1 year under standard Nissan dealership conditions.

(1) It is now nearly 2 years from then.
(2) The dealership where the repair was carried out (West Way South Birmingham) no longer trades

My query is whether there is anything I can do about this from a 'legal' perspective since I note that the Timing Chain seems to be a real achilles heel with this car?
Has anyone gone to the Ombudsman?
Any chance of a class action etc etc?
How should I approach Nissan (right now the car is at my local garage and they have told me to go back to where the work was originally done)

Many thanks for any help and guidance.

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