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feefeeglasgow said:
I got my customer service - after sales call from Nissan today....

After at least 25 minutes on the phone - the girl said "Thank you for your honest answers!"

I think she was relieved to get me off the phone

Fee x

Had my Juke since september and Ive not had this call!!

Have to say - I realise that things go wrong when buying cars, especially a new model like the Juke.
However, I will accept this if I get one thing from my Dealer - HONESTY.

Im not singling out Nissan here - I ordered a Kuga before buying the Juke, but cancelled the order as the Ford salesmanCONTINUALLY lied to me about delivery and once it arrived he then fed me some rubbish about taking 5 weeks to transfer the private plate. Ive owned over 40 cars in the past 25yrs and this idiot thought he could string me along? I cancelled there and then - the Dealership principle wasnt at all happy - voices became very raised! but a quick call to Ford UK telling them what I had gone through soon ended any arguments and got me my deposit back!

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