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Hi all, ref the above.

I own a 62 plate Juke 1.5 dci Premium and have noticed that the suspension has developed a squeak from what seems to be the front top mounts. This happens when turning & going over speed humps etc.

Anyone have or had a similar issue? Thought i'd ask on here first beforeI badger the dealer with some grief........................


My wife has a 63 plate 1.5 dci Ascenta with exactly the issue described here. Its an oldish car now but only done 30k miles. Going over any potholes or speed humps produces loud squeeking sounds outside the car. With the windows down its really quite loud and sounds like an old van! So I read that this could be air con pipes but it's more of a squeek than a rattle. Could it still be this or something else? Any help would be appreciated before I start parting with cash at the garage. Thanks.
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