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Hey guys, facelift F15 owner here. Last night I had an underpants destroying collision with a deer on a dark coast road (RIP). I've checked the damage this morning and whilst it's primarily superficial to the passenger side, with a torn front bumper, wheel arch liner, arch trim etc. I've also recovered a smashed bit of airbox from the crash site. It's part number 70390758 and the only spare I can find online is from Lithuania. Wondered if anyone can give me a heads up as to what it does? The car drove home approx 8 miles mechanically fine with no codes, and although I would like to repair it along with the rest of the car, I'm more than happy to hold out for one to be sourced more local if I can't get a hold of it sooner.

Also if there's any Juke breakers or advice anyone else could give me it would be greatful. I'm pretty handy with a spanner, my other car is an RX8 so mechanical repairs aren't too much of an issue, and I've swapped bumpers and other body parts out before so hoping to try and grt this fixed myself to keep costs down!

Picture of the part attached!
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