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We ordered the car from a dealer 100miles away from us because they gave the best deal. Everything was done over the phone including appraisal for the p/x. Seemed nice & friendly over the phone.
Upon collection everything was ready prepared, all the paperwork, dadada. Nice & efficient. Gave the car a good looking over before we left & all seemed fine, everything was in order so shook the guy's hand & left for our 100mile/2hr trip home.

Wife loves it, I'm fine with it. Glad we got black one & fitted a spoiler as it tones down the cuteness aspect of the overall design. Looking to change to black alloys or maybe just painting the original alloys, hood deflector likely, wind deflectors maybe.

Overall design very East Asian & no worse for it, fits in nicely with the extrovert exterior. Plastics used are pretty low rent but everything is well screwed together no creaks or rattles which can only be a good thing. Liking the honeycomb design of the seats which are themselves pretty comfy, lovely steering wheel, switches are easily accessible. Needs a light for the passenger area but that easily do-able, not enough cubby holes to put our various bits & bobs, rear door opening very tight, kids said a bit gloomy at the back. Took whole family (5 of us) out yesterday, that's 2 booster seats in the back with 15yr old daughter in middle, me & wife up front. All fit in, just.

The Premium model we went for has all the toys we need. Never been a fan of built in satnavs & the Nissan one is no exception, doesn't offer different route options & the voice guidance sounds like my old headmistress. Still working out the full functionality of Nissan Connect system but wifey's Iphone 4 & my Android phone connected 1st time & works like a champ. Sound quality is soso, not bad but not great either. Being a bit of a gadget freak I like the Nissan DCS. Some of its functions are pointless but cool nonetheless. One thing I miss is xenon headlights not sure why it wasn't available even as option.

Engine is nice & smooth, pretty quiet cruising at 70mph along the motorway, wind noise is minimal. CVT box is smooth as one can expect so not much to say here. Ride is good & tight soaks up bumps nicely never too harsh, good body control around the twisties. Steering is a tad too light & more feel would be appreciated. Computer says 41mpg for our 2 days of owning it so quietly impressed as it should only get better as the engine loosens up.

Our final decision was Juke or Mini Countryman Cooper. The Mini was definately a more premium product but not the best part of £4k better. The Juke is a lot quieter than the Mini aswell.
So very impressed with the Juke & looking forward to many miles of trouble free motoring
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