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Whilst browsing around Halfords earlier today, I came across this product.

This would be ideal for fixing behind the Wine Rack Grill below the Juke front bumper.
Each sheet size is 90cm x 30cm which is enough to do all the grills. The best way to fix these would be to cut the mesh into separate circles which will make them easier to attach. This could be done from behind, using a two part epoxy resin, such as Araldite, or a car body filler epoxy resin.

I rather like the stainless steel square hole version of the four choices to choose from. Or for a red Juke, the round hole version would look good sprayed Force Red to match the car body colour to show behind the black wine rack.

I might give this consideration, once I get my car.

Just thought others would be interested.Edited by: Geoff_Juke
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