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After driving 25000 km with just xenon I decided to do the same like someone else did on the

I bought these babies:

from left to right:
projector, washer,lockring, H1 holder, xenonlamp

how to remove the bumper:
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Just start with having everything off

Remove everything from the backside, rubbers, metal screw, holder of the H4 lamp

Pre heated oven 100 degress 10 minutes

Use 2 flat screwdrivers, one the get between the housing and the front lenscover and the other to get it between the clips

The mount the prjector, make sure you clean everything with a microfibre cloth, fingerprints, dust etc etc
This is the H4 lockring, wich you have to cut a lil bit for the wiring for the light

Here you see the diffrence, used a file the make it not round, but flat

Then the lock ring on the back side, make it tide

The back the oven in, 5 minutes just to make sure the kit that is used is soft again
After 5 minutes out of the oven en press back the cover

Then I made a thing to fill the whole in the OEM rubber housing, to make it water tight

And then here you see the wiring for the light (wich can make the projector switch beteen normal beam and high beam)

Put the lamps back and voila

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</font>Good guide njb,<?: prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" />

</font>I’m not too clued up on the legalities of xenons / bi

</font>Are these legal in the UK / do they require headlight
washers etc?


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I don't know about the rules in UK.
here in the netherlands car from 2006 and up have to be fitted with washers and automatisch adjustment.

but that is when the check it with the (I think you guys call that MOT), wich is in 4 years after purchase of the car.

I have seen a set washer that can be retro fitted and als so automatic adjustment, but when I get the MOT I just fit halogeen H1 in them.

When I get pulled over, I will take the risk and also the police don;t even now the rules here.
So till then, I love them to have them

just see the light beam how sharp

and the high beam:
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