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I finally took delivery of my Pearly White Juke DIG-T 4X4 on
the 20<sup>th</sup> of August, and I can now report my first impression on the

Next day after delivery we went for a short break in Dorset
and New Forest, four days trip 632 Miles on the clock when we arrived back

First impression, surprised on how sure footed the Juke
feels on the motorway, very stable and the engine is very responsive, had no
problem keeping up with the traffic on the fast lane.

Love the interior, love the steering wheel and I find the
buttons for speed limiter, cruise control and mobile phone communication very
easy to use and very user friendly.

Pairing the phone and setting up the sat nav really easy.

CTV. I really like the CTV gearbox, it will take a bit to
get used to it, but I love the fact that is quite responsive if you don’t push
too hard.

On the motorway I was cruising at 85 Mph with the engine
revving at 2600 rpm, and on a B road at 40 Mph the engine was revving at an
idle like rev of 1000 rpm, great to keep the noise down and also the fuel

I tried to use the CVT in manual mode and it’s really good,
quick and precise, but to be honest I will leave it in Drive most of the time.

Fuel consumption so far, after my trip in Dorset the
computer was reading an average of 31.0 Mpg, which is not too bad, I will
report of fuel consumption on a day to day drive, like going to work and back

I have changed the headlight light bulbs, for a pair of
Philips 100% and they literally make a huge difference, the original ones are
Osram made in Germany and they are really fat compared to the Philips or Osram
night breakers that I have fitted on my wife’s car, I think the original lamps
are long live ones, low output but they will last a long time.

Now for the really annoying bit, (not a Juke problem, but
human error) after delivery I realised that not everything was working, as it

The automatic lights and wipers, were constantly on where
activated, and the climate control was always turning itself off every time I
turn the engine off, also the wing mirrors were not folding in when the car was
locked and the car was going back to normal mode if eco or sport was selected,
so after cursing Nissan reliability and found in this forum a posting about
wiper and automatic light not working, and thanx to the nice people posting
about the same problem I was able to fix it myself and now everything is
working as it should, I will tell the dealer next time what they didn’t do and
the predelivery check to avoid future costumer going through the same as me.

The problem as far as I understand is that before putting
the Juke on the ship to Europe, they pull out a bracket in the fuse box
(passenger side on the dashboard).

When the black bracket is pulled out it disconnect certain
part of the electric system in order to avoid discharging the battery.

Before delivery to the costumer the dealer is supposed to
push the bracket back in, I think not many knows this, maybe because too few
Juke from Japan as arrived so far, anyway after I pushed the fuse in everything
works perfectly, and I am very pleased.

That’s it so far I will report later after I have done more
miles in the Juke, all in all, very happy with the car, and I find myself to
use any excuse to drive her.

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Good report Rocky
Glad you have pointed out about the fuses. It seems that Nissan dealers have not been advised about this for all 4x4 models. It's not very good when the customer has to find out for him/herself about pushing in the fuse.
I should imagine your fuel consumption will improve, one you get a few more thousands miles under the bonnet.
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