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I'm not one for working on cars but finally got round to trying this. Was amazed at how super easy it was, took me 10 mins with no need to remove the door panel as suggested in other places. Here are the steps for anyone interested:

1. Pull off the triangular plastic cover on the inside of the door. It feels a bit tight, but just hook your fingers and pull, it's held on by three pop in clips. This exposes the three nuts holding the mirror in place, and the the slot in the door panel where the electric cable goes.

2. Unplug the electric cable. The slot is narrow, but with a gentle use of the fingers, you can pull the door panel back a couple more mm and get a long thin screw driver down to the plug - be careful not to pull too hard as I guess you could damage the door panel. Push on the clip with the screwdriver and pull the cable at the same time. The clip pops out without any fuss. Pull the cable clear.

3. Remove the three nuts holding the mirror in place. Push a cotton rag into the gap to prevent the nuts dropping inside the door panel if you happen to lose them. Start with the two bottom nuts, they are partly obscured by the door panel, but were easy to losen using a small 10mm spanner. Once loosened, unscrew by hand. Use a 10mm socket for the top nut so that you can hold onto the mirror itself with one hand at the same time.

4. Remove the mirror - it just pulls away easy.

5. Put the replacement mirror in place.

6. Replace the nuts - top one first with the socket, then the bottom two, again by hand, using the spanner to tighten.

7. Push the cable down through the slot in the door panel. Inserting the plug requires a little dexterirty, line it up holding the cable, and use the screwdriver to push it in place. It did not require any force, clipped in with minimal effort.

8. Switch on th eignition and test the electrics - worked first time for me.

9. Remove the cotton cloth and push the triangular panel back into place.

I got the wing mirror from a breaker on ebay for £120.00 (less than half the price quoted new from Nissan). Literally 10 mins to replace (quicker than typing this post), saving I don't know how much labour from Nissan. Hope this helps someone else in the same situation in future. I would have video'd the process but it was freezing cold and I didn't have another body to do the camera work.
Thank you so much for this post, it helped me replace my wing mirror myself, got a new one on eBay for £94 & just had to borrow a socket from someone as you can’t manoeuvre the spanner to get the top nut undone. Saved myself a good few hundred quid & very pleased with myself, thank you
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