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You would think that any changes would have done that prior to the car being rolled out. I was hearing comments way back about lack of light in the cabin and fitting a panoramic roof as standard. Think that would be a great idea. I asked if one could be factory fitted and was told not.

The interior is different and like anything else, some people will like it others wont.

I am looking forward to driving it, especially having had a 1.5 DCi Qashqai, it'll be interesting to see how the engine feels pulling along its little brother...

More positive reviews than negative overall - Can only be a good start.

The team promoting the Juke did say that they have had significantly varying responses to the car, some people saying they have never seen anything as ugly in their life.... I have.....a Renault Kangoo, Skoda yeti and a Nissan Cube - yuch... gross.....

Others like me, absolutely loved it...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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