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Hi Folks

Ive currently got an Astra VXR, picture below, Love my car to bits and goes like a fly on sh!te, but im at the point now that its burning a hole in my pocket to run it on rocket fuel

Mother in law to be has the Juke, initially thought it was stinking, then when clarkson went on Topgear and ripped the p!ss out it that confirmed it for me.....and then I got a shot of the mother in laws Juke, it was amazing, I looked up the MPG and thats also amazing, so im now in two minds whether to bite the bullet and changed or no

I need it to be good in the snow, the mother in law said hers was ace in the snow last year but I cant remember how well it did to be honest, how was yours?

hers a pic of my astra

and here is a link to the Juke I am thinking of getting. let me know your thought and opinions folks



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