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2014 (63) 1.5 DCI n-tec
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Hi all! My Name is Tom!

New here as we've just bought my wife a 2014 (63) Juke n-tec 1.5 dci. The car has 115k on the clock. Cambelt and water pump was changed at 66k so wanted to ask when that would be due again.

It's also had the turbo replaced at about 80 or 90k also (is this a known issue)

Lastly I wanted to ask a question about android steroes. I've found one similar to the one on my S-max but I'm not sure about how the current factory reversing camera is connected. The unit has the option of coming with a camera but as we already have one I was hoping it would plug right in.

Failing that would it be possible to run a wireless trans/rec from the camera to the radio?
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