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Hi All.
I am new to the Juke owners club and hope I can find good info, solutions to problems and share experiences.

I own a 2016 Juke DigT 190 and have been really pleased with it.
Then in April the navigation unit failed. One day it was working fine and the next morning when I started the car the display said that a system update had failed and to install a new firmware.

The dealer could not fix it, they said. They had never seen this error before. I found a firmware zip file D605 on a US forum and unzipped it to a USB stick. It started to install and got about 65% done, when it stopped and started over. It stopped at a point that could indicate it wanted some US specific feature, and my Juke is European.
The dealer said the Nav unit was defective and wanted to replace it. I found a factory new unit with the same part number as mine at one third of the cost Nissan want for one.
The dealer agreed to install it, but only got it part way done. Now they claim they get a can-bus error. They got the radio and navigation working, plus the rear and surround camera works when you first set it in reverse. Then the screen goes black with a message. Front camera does not work and guide lines do not follow steering.
Anyone have experienced this or have an idea how to fix it?
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