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I own a juke 2015 tekna automatic with extras, sun roof, colour coordinated bumpers mirrors etc.
it has 42000 miles on it and has been serviced regularly.
during in 2020 summer i noticed a squeak, which I thought was possibly a brake sticking but the garage couldn’t locate the fault. Then in October I noticed a juddering at low revs when I was pulling away, not from stopping completely, but from very very slow speed. Today I took it to a transmission garage. It is my cvt gearbox. It is early days but will get worse. £1100 + vat to fix and a common problem with Nissan automatic gearboxes apparently!!
I have contacted my dealer who put me onto Nissan customer services.
a complaint has been raised and now on their advice I am having a diagnostic report done on Wednesday next week from my local Nissan dealer. This will go to Nissan. I am hoping they will replace the part or at least help towards the cost of their defective workmanship
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