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Ok just been into the clothing shop that does labelled clothing etc sent them off a proof of the logo
so have to go back next week to confirm prices but they gave me a ball park figure of £12 for a standard polo shirt with the logo on though they cant confirm until they size up logo to see how many stitches it has I will be ordering 1 for me and the wife a long with a fleece and cap so at the meet you will all be able to see them and if you like them you can order
I dont have to place a minimum order they will make to order so once I get a range together I will list them on the forum and people can order at will if they wish

Next week I will start on the mugs,tax discs and pens plus I reckon I can get some stickers to put on the outside either on the glass or panel as well need to get them priced so may have them with me aswell.

Just to reiterate I have Dan's permission to sell merchandise for the owners club and to advertise it here, Clearly I will be outlaying a fair amount of money so its a gamble on my part. If you have any sensible requests for items I will look into them

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