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Guys n Gals: Would any of you be interested in doing a meet here in Bavaria, Germany this time next year?

Accomodation would be between €39 and €50/person/night in a very nice hostel situated on Lake Hintersee. The area is Berchtesgaden and the web site is

Sorry its all in German but I guess you can cop an eye load of what its all about.

I live just down the road from this location and we have a four star superior Best Western Hotel (or on facebook: Berghotel Rehlegg).

We are 3 hours from Vienna, 1.5 from Munich, 4 from Prague, 5 fron Hungary, 4 from Italy. (Would be so cool to drive the Dolomites in our Jukes)

If you think this is of interest, I will do everything I can to assist in making reservations and so on.

I drive to and from the UK every year in my Roadster and the route I take is normally Dover to Dunkirk with The Norfolk line and then its easy. Its about a 10 hour drive from Dunkirk. I use The Norfolk Line because its cheap and the service (food) is brilliant. The crossing is only 90 mins.

For people who dont want to drive, there is an option to drive to Düsseldorf from Dunkirk (3 hours) and take the motorrail to either Munich or Salzburg in Austria.

So come on, work up that interest and get those Jukes on the Autobhans and allow it to sho its fangs :)

All I as for is Yorkshire Tea, custard powder, and a few other things. lol

Pm me if this is of interest.
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