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well, picked my juke up on tuesday, after arguement to finish work early. the weather forecast for east anglia was terrible. but i stayed fine for me.

just as i was signing the last bits of paperwork, after a thorough introduction to mynew juke, it occured to me that i was too scared to drive it! i have never had a brand new car before, couple of ex-demo's, but never a brand new one & have been in a serious car crash before now.

but, i got comfy & set off. very slowly, after a couple of miles & a few admiring glances, at the car not me. i felt great, the juke looks & feels great. am very, very pleased with all aspects of her. in comparison to the merc, that i traded in for her - 1 or 2 things are not the same quality, obviously. but overall the juke is better! i am not in the slightest bit disappointed at the difference in the marque. buetooth worked at the 2nd attempt & usb stick is fantastic.

today, at work, my colleagues kindly took my keys from my locker & moved my juke to a different car park, then put my keys back. just about to phone the police, with my bottom lip wobbling - i found her!

love it!
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