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I took a friend of mine up to the glorious port of Grimsby this morning -North East Lincolnshire so I decided to look in at the Nissan garage. Recently they seem to have been advertising some Jukes at way over list-price for immediate delivery.

I was told they might haveregistered awhite Juke Visia, so I was hoping for a test drive.
Unfortunately they've already sold it!

Also seen at the same garage: Their black demo Juke

A rather nice (but very expensive) brown Juke with red interior - I wasnt sure how brown and red would actually lookedrather good....

...anda Haptic Blue Juke Visiawith graphics sittingin their showroom.
I was a bit surprised to see a base model Visia as the showroom car, but the graphics and showroom lights and early morning sunshine brightened it up nicely.

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