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Hi all!

My name is Ben, glad to have finally found a good forum :)

My Nismo Juke can be seen below, it has around 80k miles but only gets driven at weekends now as I drive my 2017 Q3 Quattro Black Edition during the week.

Had some recent work done on the Juke which was basically a full front suspension rebuild so now it feels brilliant again.
The only real issue is my Satnav is really temperamental. It works about 5% of the time as it always says to insert a Nissan SD card, despite it being inserted and behind the warning message, I can see my map and the map moving as I drive...

Looking to start doing a couple mods now... first of all I want more noise... whats a good cost effective solution? Looking into a cold air intake but apparently where they mount behind the bumper means a lot of debris can get in?

Any good exhaust systems that don't sound stupid but also better than the standard? I like the note of the standard exhaust, just want a bit more noise when I really put the foot down :)


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