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Hi I was wondering if someone could help me out and see if I’ve missed anything to check with my 1.5 dci juke 2013.

initially it had a engine management light on with a code p0471, which after a bit of research, linked it to replacing the exhaust pressure sensor which I did, also when I removed the sensor found out the metal pipe going down into exhaust manifold was blocked. So I did that job and went to two the car out for a test drive. When I was doing that job I had taken a few heat shields off near the turbo along with the metal pipe going into the egr valve, so that I had more room to work with.
So I was going down the road and heard a bang. I had a look and that metal pipe going to the egr had blown off, I obviously hadn’t bolted it back on correctly. So I put it back on, and tried starting it.
The car turned over but didn’t start. We towed it back home to have a closer look. First of all I made sure everything was bolted back in place especially that pipe. Again tried to start but still didn’t go.
I removed the sensor which I had just replaced, tried starting, also put the old one back on, still no luck. At this point the car was completely how it was before when it was running.
I then started looking at other areas. I checked the throttle body, as I thought maybe when the metal pipe came off something may of blown in and jammed the thing shut. But no that operated fine.
Tried most components around the area of that pipe coming off and everything was operating.
After spending hours on testing components that could of caused the car not to start, I used easy start to see if it would get it going.
It ran but only ran on easy start, sounded fine also when running on it.
My next point of call was looking towards the exhaust side of things.
I disconnected the exhaust just after the turbo as I thought maybe the DPF was completely blocked, but still the same wouldn’t start, cranked over And did run on easy start.
I then checked to see if I had fuel, maybe the intank fuel pump had gone. But when I turned the ignition on I could here it operating through the back seats. Then I checked the fuel line going from the filter to the high pressure pump. I had fuel pouring out when I disconnected it with the ignition on and when cranking it over. So I ruled that side of the fuel system out. Next I cracked one of the fuel lines from the rail to the injectors.
NO fuel came out when i cranked over the engine.
Also I tested the supply to the injectors with the noid light and again no power going to them, I know the noid light was working as I tried the same light on another car after.

So now I’m not sure what to think. It could be the high pressure pump, but if I’m not getting power to the injectors then there’s no point spending out on a new pump if I haven’t go that power going to them.

I also removed the crankshaft sensor and did a resistance check which gave me 650 ohms, which I presume is ok

If the timing had jumped would I be right in saying the belt would be a bit slack? As when I looked at it, it looked how it should be and also when it ran on easy start it sounded normal.

if anyone has any ideas or could point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated.
I’m just so confused as I’d of thought it would of all been linked to that pipe initially blowing off


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Hi Fin, my pipe came off on a 2012 dci. It would just about start but would not rev up at all. Everything was coked up. I know you said yours still won't start with the exhaust off, but it may be worth washing out the dpf and then trying it again with the exhaust connected. Nothing to lose other than a bit of time.

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