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Need some advice please. Our 2013 Joke just had a service. I advised WestWay Southampton prior to the service there was a slipping/ vibration whilst in low gear. After the service they did not mention the gear box when confronted they advised as the car was out of warrenty it was not there problem. When I asked them what my options were they advised I should sell the car before it got ant worse!
I then contacted Nissan customer services. Please see below response. I purchased the car from the showroom and only ever had it serviced there. Now after 36000 miles it needs a new gear box. Not sure what to do next any advice would be most welcome.

Thanks Pete

I hope you are well!

I just spoke with your dealer and they insist that they checked your gearbox and advised that they are 90% sure it is an internal CVT gearbox fault and would require a new one.

If you prefer we can still offer a voucher code to get another dealer diagnostics or we can proceed by checking how much we could contribute on your new gearbox, keeping in mind that your vehicle is over 7 years old, the contribution on parts most likely will not be much but we can investigate.

Please let me know which way is more preferable to continue: voucher or contribution, unfortunately, it cannot be both.

If you prefer a voucher code, let me know which dealership you would be keen to visit.

You can find all our official dealer list online, based on your location: Find a Dealer | Nissan Car Dealerships | Nissan

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Wishing you a lovely afternoon.

Kind regards,

Managing Director Team
Nissan Motor (GB) Limited
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