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We use a Japanese consultant and he is due from Japan next week. We asked about him and he has replied."Dear Andy, thank you very much to your attention to me. Now as
the news all of Japan made strong shock by eathquaque. My ownself and family is
quite safe , Japan had historically big earthquaque so in Japan house and
building made strong construction Law and regulation by goverment. This time
earthquaque started Pacific ocean near by Japan iland and as the result big
Tsunami which is Big wave from sea this time made big damage near city of
seaside, I live
inland, condition will be restore biginning of
next week. So I think I possible to visit Norwich and see you again and inform
hot news of Tsunami."</font></font>When he speaks English he sounds like master Yodi. He is a funny guy with a mountain of knowledge, he is one of the leaders for the Japanese Insitute of Preventative Maintenance.</font>Its good news to here that he is well</font>
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