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No understeer with the 4WD version.
I always keep the Torque Vectoring on and drive in Normal Mode.
Been throwing it around corners and in & out of roundabouts ever faster and more abruptly trying to make it let go - or at least understeer a bit, but it never does.
It holds the road like a limpet. Not that I've ever driven a limpet, you understand. Or any other Marine Gastropod for that matter. That's not the same as Gastropub, which is a range of meals at M&S. Or Gastropube, which is a rude-sounding word I just made up.
Maybe I should start a thread: Juke Or Mollusc?
What mollusc would you drive if you hadn't bought a Juke? What's you least favourite mollusc (apart from Clarkson)?
I'ts Sunday morning and I'm bored (you can tell, can't you)
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