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Well folks, I had said it before, but finally I am off and won't be posting now.

I have thrown myself on my sword and bought another Nissan, this time a Qashqai, 1.5 dci NTEC ... 60 plate, due to depreciation on my 3 month old Civic, couldn't afford a new one.

Hubby hated the Civic, absolutely despised it....
I have had a fab time on the forum, met lots of nice people and have had a real good laugh and plenty of grumps too. I have found it a privilege to work alongside Deks and Kats as Mods and appreciated all the kind pms of support for my family, during difficult times

I have been offline more than on and can't spare the time but again would like to thank you all....Good Luck for all you Jukies in waiting and Safe Driving to you all!!,!!, Thanks to JOhn at Holdcrofts for a great parts service too.

I will continue to look in and while I relax, enjoy using my Juke mug ( with wine in it!!,! )

All the best and much love,
Fee xxxxxxx

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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