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My wife has a 61 plate Juke and it has an electrical fault. It ran in the morning, in the afternoon, nothing! No dash lights, no radio, steering locked and the car did no recognise either of the keys. A local garage had a look and said it could be the steering lock. The steering lock was removed, checked, and when no faults were detected it was reinstalled. The car then started, and was fault free for a few weeks. Having gone wrong a second time, only Nissan would take the job on. Nissan have run their diagnostic checks, and have confirmed that there is a fault with the ignition. Their solution is to replace three critical ignition components at a cost of £1900, and if that doesn't cure the fault at least they will know they need to look elsewhere. I was told it's a 50/50 gamble that their fix will work.

Has anyone else experienced a fault like this on a Juke

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