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Morning all,

I need a support driver,

I'm cycling from Lands End 2 John O'Groats in June, (15th - 28th June) for Help 4 Heroes and Birmingham Childrens Hospital, the lad who was going to drive for me is in hospital getting his shoulder put right.

I have split the cycling into 2 legs, 1st leg is: lands end 2 oakhampton 2 Bristol 2 Shrewsbury 2 Preston.
2nd leg Preston and then stops in Scotland until the end.

I am getting sponsored with a car from a firm in Huddersfield with fuel, I am currently trying to get either a free room with Travelodge or cheap accom from them, otherwise it will be camping.

If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated,

The support car is not a JUKE.

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