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I have a 1995 diesel Juke with about 40,000 miles. I noticed it was a bit sluggish to start this morning. I checked the battery voltage and found 12.49 volts. I then checked the age of the battery. I bought a new one from the Nissan dealer on 4/12/2019 ( I suspected it wasn't that old).
However, I must confess to doing only short local journeys and using a lot of electricals (blower, heated seats, start/stop and lights). I could be seriously depleting the battery capacity?
Which brings me to my next question.
The battery code is KE241-70E01EF. It is an EFB battery of 70Ah, I believe. I am looking at buying a smart charger NOCO Genius 5 from Halfords as my old battery charger is no good for EFB batteries. This charger has a max output of 5A. Is it OK for my battery.
Any thoughts and comments gratefully accepted.

Cheers Mike
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