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I'm working on you being able to upload pictures directly, until then though this is what I suggest:
How to post pictures onto the forum:

Set up a free account with Photobucket or Flickr...etc and upload your photos to there.

(I use Photobucket, but will be the same or similar to other sites.)

Once uploaded, hover over the image and up pops a sub menu for that picture.

the Sub Menu you want is Direct Link, or Image location. Copy this link.

Return to the forum and click on the button with a picture of a tree.
This will open a new window
Paste the Direct Link you have just copied, into the 'Image URL:' box and press preview.

Also, make sure pictures are below 800pixels wide (for easy viewing).
This can be adjusted once you paste the link into the Image URL box. The size of your photo will come up. if the width is longer than 800, just reduce.
Remember to reduce height by same amount!
(or you can reduce size on the photosharing site)

Then click ok and photo should appear in message box!


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Hi Dan
Any update on direct upload of pictures from pc's to this well supported site??

Once up and running I think more people would post pics
Many Thanks
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