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Ok people, I discovered this method recently of calculating your acual mpg and it seemed to work very from for me. Firstly fill your tank to the brim, and I mean to the click. Then reset your mileometer, go about your daily business as usual and run the thank until it is pretty much empty and fill the tank back up again to the click, but try if possible to use the same pump at the same fuel station to avoid and technical differences between pumps. This will tell you how many litres of fuel you have used across the tank because you are filling from click to click. Keep your receipt as it will tell the number of litres fuelled and write down the number of miles driven before you drive off again.
Ok so to calculate the MPG you need to firstly convert the number of litres into gallons, i use this site then divide your number of miles driven by the number of gallons and then you will get your MPG across your tank.
If you could please post the miles driven and litres used figures as well as calculated MPG's this would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks people
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