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Same thing just happened today. Took my mother's 2013 Juke 1.6 CVT for a run and a car wash.

Didn't notice any issues (I'm not familiar with the cars character as I don't drive it) until I pulled away from traffic lights.
Car moved off and then started "Bunny-hopping" as the speed got to about 10 or 15 kph.
No dashboard warning lights. NADA.
Let it sit for 30 mins, and same happened again.
Waited about 1 hour for the roadside rescue. They only found 1 fault in the diagnostic odbc... Speed sensor.
But then, car drove ok. Dropped it to the dealership, 5 mins after they shut for the day.
Will see what they say tomorrow.

F'ing car only has 15k km on it!
If it's the CVT.... Nissan/Renault will be indefinitely off the shopping list!
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