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I bought this automatic car in July 2014 from Nissan dealer, the car was classes as USED car as it had already been driven for a few months for 2000 miles. I loved the exterior design of the Juke and was impressed by its interior system panel which includes touchscreen sat nav and media system, AC & heating system, options to drive it in three modes ; normal, sports as well as economy mode. Dashboard displaying the meters and fuel indicator was more than satisfactory as well.

The only negatives at the time I identified was rear passenger space for kids to be limited and the boot space also not satisfactory to family needs. Also to my astonishment it didn't come with a spare car wheel option !

Run smoothly from july 2014 right upto July 2018 untill when I came across rattling/ grinding noises from underneath the car. Then i experience a maneuver failure after it started up after ignition but failed to drive after releasing the handbrake and warning lights coming on. Retried the process and the car run as normal but rattling noises remained . Got it checked by a local garage who thought it has got to do with automatic gearbox transmission bearing collapsing possibly. Did independent research online only to find a few websites especially
this ; httpss://

... That this car has automatic transmission gearbox issues and most Juke owners on this website have reported that they have experienced this issue when their car have crossed close to or just around 30,000 plus mileage.... To my shock that is exactly the case with mine as I had done 31,000 miles when I first experienced this issue two months ago. As it stands right now that car has finally failed to startup last week Saturday (08/09/18).. and RAC Breakdown assistance have identified a gearbox issues which seems common with this model. Cost of repair according to RAC from a specialist transmissions service centre is approx £2000. From the website listed above many Juke owners have mentioned similar figures for repair and for new gearbox to be around £4500-£5000 plus. Apparently if you happen to be unfortunate like me and many other Juke owners with this common issue you will find that in 95% of cases it would have occurred when the three years warranty has expired by now !!! I have had another check on the car from another local mechanic in Blackburn who is reputable and he has said it requires a new gearbox. I have been to a Toyota dealership to trade in my Juke for a new Toyota car Instead, salesperson said after his conversation with Nissan that a repair of gearbox will cost between £2800-3000 and a new gearbox will be £4500 !!!

I spoken to Nissan and they have asked for it to be towed over to their local dealership store where it can be assessed by their service centre( which will cost me !) and then they will be in position to tell me what gesture of goodwill compensation they can offer me. From the website listed above, one of the Juke owners mentioned that he was offered £300 in vouchers !!! Should I even waste my time taking it to Nissan dealer ???

I am stuck as this car is not driveable as of now and I am suffering great inconvenience. A car 5 years and 6 months old from march 2013 should not have huge failure of automatic transmission gearbox. I have had it in my possession for only 4 years and two months to be precise and would not recommend this car to anyone. I would advise all new and old Juke owners who have yet not experienced any issues to be on their guard and watch out for this issue.

I will never in life again by investing in any Nissan model.
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