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Can anyone help with this please:

I purchased my Juke Tekna CVT (Auto) from a garage in Newcastle on 5th June 2014 (it was not a Nissan garage but a well known dealer group) – with approx 5,000 miles, one owner for the sum of £12,000. Still with 6 months manufacturer's warranty on it. I am the 2nd owner. It is an automatic - I only purchased this car as I needed an auto having had a nasty knee injury.

Sadly since September (2014), after only having the car for 3 months, I have had nothing but trouble with the car – namely a loud screeching noise on some (not all) cold start-ups (not every day) when putting into reverse/drive.

My local Nissan garage looked at this and advised me it was linked with the gearbox. On further investigation the garage told me a new gearbox was fitted in March 2014, with the first owner (at approx 4,000 miles). I was not told this when I purchased the car in June. I may not have purchased the car had I known this history.

Since I have owned the car, the gearbox has been replaced a further two times; at 8,000 miles (on 1/10/14) and also at 10,000 miles (on 18/11/14) – I cannot believe the gearbox is actually the problem – a car on its 4th gearbox at just 10,000 miles is unheard of!

Nissan have extended my 3 year warranty for a further year until November 2015 (free of charge). However, as of today, Nissan have told me they can help me no further on this. Nissan have told me that this is not a major problem and occurs due to oil not getting around the engine well. I asked if they could put this in writing that this was not a problem and would have no long term effect on my car. Nissan declined!

I am now worried there could be a long term affect caused by this 'noise'. I feel that I am being left with a car that I have no faith in and will struggle to sell in the future.

Thank you for your time. Any ideas what I should do next?


Hi Charlotte,
I have the same problem as you on my Juke auto - it's a 13 plate. I also had the same problem with a Note which I traded in, hopefully to get rid of the problem. No technician in 2 Nissan dealerships could diagnose what was causing this problem so I got rid of it and replaced it with the Juke. I even contacted the top man at Nissan UK, but he handed it off to customer service who were useless. Now the Juke has the same problem. Just as before, a third Nissan dealer cannot tell me what's wrong and Nissan customer service have been no help either. I actually recorded the noise on my phone, but that wasn't good enough for them - they had to hear it for themselves. So, I left the car with them for a week as the fault is intermittent, but nothing happened - or so they told me. They did fit a fan belt and tensioner from a donor car, but I'm not hopeful and it's too early yet to see if this will make any difference. Can you keep me informed if you get a solution to this and I'll do the same?
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