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I have searched the post but, can't find any reference to anyone having checked the alignment of the headlamps once they have replaced them.
The reason I bring up the subject is that we have probably all been out driving at night and sworn at the other driver who has a bad light that shines in your eyes on a straight bit of road, well a lot of the time it is due to the fact that the person has quite responsibly replaced a blown headlamp themselves but, then has not checked the alignment of the headlamp to see if it is shining in the proper direction and at the correct height off the ground at a given distance. Sometimes the bulb is sitting just a little askew but, it can make a big difference to where it shines.

Has anyone here checked their headlamp alignment after they have changed their lamps for new ones? Be honest...
I know the book says we don't have to but...
I don't have any problems with the brightness of my cars headlamps so I wonder if they are different according to which model we have.
I don't see anything in the book except H4 55 Watt.
I can't be bothered to go through the cars specifications yet again so if anyone knows maybe they can post.
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