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Bought my second hand Juke from our local car sales place, who specialise in ex motability cars, what I didn't know what they also deal in ex lease cars. Anyway, here are my experiences to date:
Car was MOT'd when I bought it, but didn't get a copy of the MOT from the dealer, went on line only to find that it had a couple of advisories, worn brake discs and pads. I took the car to a local garage for a service and he confirmed the wear on the discs and pads, so decided to replace them sooner rather than later, sadly the place I'd got the car from refused to pay for the work, insisting that there was nothing wrong with the car when it was PDI'd. The one thing they did agree to fix was a problem with the paint finish on the front door, which looked like it was "peeling off" Turned out to be the laquer layer that was the problem - not a clue why?

Had the car for about a year and through in jury had to leave the car on the drive for 3 weeks, when I went to start it, the battery was flat - managed to jump start it and took it to local Halfords for battery check "nothing wrong with the battery guv" was the response. However it refused to start again after being left for a couple of days, sos went back to my garage that did the service, who confirmed the battery was knackered - apparently not an uncommon fault with cars fitted with stop / start.

Next problem - also from reading the forums a common one - The Connect Unit worked perfectly for a year and now has developed screen freeze, whereby nothing works when using the touch screen, this MAY be a heat related problem as it seems to work when it's not too sunny!!

Apart from those irritations my '15 1.5 DCI Accenta premium is a dream to drive, yes it's a bit choppy on uneven surfaces, it's a bit short on leg room in the back (but I never sit in the back), the boot is big enough when the floor is dropped, it would have been nice to have had a space saver wheel instead of the tyre repair kit, but I bought a space saver wheel, which just about fits into the well in the boot where the repair kit was stored. One thing it's not is sluggish, especially in sport mode, which stiffens up the steering and does something magical to the engine! Fuel consumption isn't the best on a diesel, but it will return 60 mpg, and maybe a bit higher if driven more carefully. Strangely enough the one thing that really annoys me with the car is that the trim at the back of the arm rest is loose and stops the arm rest from being raised to vertical and I can't figure out what holds the trim in place.

Would I recommend a Juke to anyone? Yes, Yes, Yes!!
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