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'Red' Juke picked up 31st March.
Very impressed with it.
I am a large bloke, not an issue. Except, the arm rest does slightly interfere with applying the handbrake which is closer to passenger than drivers seat. Its fine for wifie who sits far more forward when driving than me.
Decent radio, reversing camera is great. Now able to reverse closer to a wall than my usual 2 foot, get out look reverse more.
Sat nav is better than most. Maps almost but not totally up to date for Ireland. A nearby motorway, built under one year ago is not included but older roads all there.
HTC Desire HD paired up to connect unit no problem.
Delivered in Ireland was with chrome exhaust end, tools and spare wheel. (ceases from next year according to salesman)
Road tax now €156 compared to circa €460 for the QQ.
Surprise surprise 24 year old son said "I would like one" (Juke).

Down Side
Not seen wife or 'Red' Juke since yesterday

I predict high mileage and arguments as to who is driving
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