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Here's my 3 day old Juke (Acenta Premium 1.6L)

First Impressions - GOOD POINTS

* The overall 'Feel Good Factor' driving it
* The Technology
* The 3 Drive Modes actually do give a different feel
* Most would-be passangers assume it's a 3 door!
* It copes well with the snow (compared to me RWD Merc)
* Headlights are good
* Sound quality just about ok from standard system
* Quiet Engine that seems quite torquey for a standard 1.6 petrol
* Refined enough ride
* Good brakes
* Nice seats and driving position
* Steering wheel has nice sporty feel
* Gearshift not as notchy as test car


* Some plastics (and general feel of build quality in a few areas) are more in keeping with a £7,000 Micra than a car than can cost £20K.
* Lack of interior lighting (as mentioned many times on the forum)
* Interior light switch look like it came from a pound shop
* Shame Nissan don't use TomTom for the Sat Nav like their French sister Renault
* My media system 'crashed' whilst it was palying a USB, and reset itself after freezing for a few minutes
* Obvious lack of sound proofing under plastic tray in boot - you can hear every grain of grit hit the body of the car - (but I am comparing this to a Merc)
* Standard (cheap) key, and difficulty finding ignition switch in the dark
* Auto drivers window is 'down' only
* Inability to customise much of the technology (displays)
* Knowing that the next MY version will address many of the issues listed above!

Overall though, absolutely no regrets. It's a car you buy with your heart not your head, but your head grows to love it very quickly too! It's the first time I've enjoyed staying sober over Christmas - so that I can provide a taxi service for the kids - and really enjoy each trip

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CrosbyParkNissan said:
Your drivers window can be changed to be auto up too. Put the window down and then when you put it up, hold the switch up for about 10 seconds after the window has finished closing ;) The default setting from the factory is 1 touch down only.
Thanks for this, that solves one issue very quickly!
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