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Hi Folks

I have seen such reports before and found them insightful so here is my view. I traded in a 56 plate Toyota Verso. Prior to that had a 2003 RAV 4 from new.

Ordered 12th Oct delivery 31st Dec. Some of you may recall that my dealer cocked up the order and an Acenta in Gun Metalic was sent without the premium pack so I was offered a very different Acenta 1.6 with sport pack in Force Red with red interior. Way different to the Gun with grey interior I ordered.

So glad I picked the red I found the Gun Metallic very underwhelming next to my red one on delivery day in the show room. It is so difficult to pick colours without seeing them in the flesh.

Good Points

Gear shift way smoother than on my test drive car.
Wing Mirrors are so huge you can almost see around the boot of the car.
Ride is not as hard as some motoring mags have quoted.
I can't believe the number of gadgets on a sub 15K car.
Ipod and phone really easy to set up.
Only done 60 miles around country lanes not been above 60 mph but getting 39 mpg.
Smooth quiet engine road noise below 60 very quiet.
plenty of rear room for my 5 and 10 year olds.
Steering is really nice and light compared to previous car so easy to place the Juke. Steering wheel is lovely quality to hold.
The looks...well looks like nothing else on the road. My wife poinetd out it remided her of the original RAV4 when it was funky..I agree. We had one of those in the 90's.

Bad points

One touch phone button on steering wheel does not redial last number as it says in the book (posted about this in technical)
Dash and door cards could do with looking a little less plasticky and hard
Avoid the crap mats your dealer supplies with Juke logo on for £40 they are crap. I would go e-bay or Halfords.
My worst bad point is that you have to reach through the steering wheel to push a button on the dash to operate the trip computer. This should be a button on the steering wheel as per my previous Verso.
The displays on the D-mode and Climate make you look down too far but I think the novelty will wear off.
Entry into the back for the kids is a little tight but I knew that when we visited the show room. I foresee the plastic footplate at the rear door entry becomming very scuffed by my five yaer old quite quickly as she scrabbles to get in..even with our help. Any solutions such as a plasic tape to cover this to give some protection?

Pleased..... oh yes I am. I am a 47 year old Policeman and its been a long time since I sat in a new car grinning like a 17 year old....even when it was stationary.

Happy New Year All


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chizzie said:
Entry into the back for the kids is a little tight but I knew that when we visited the show room.
This might sound stupid but are you opening the rear doors enough, when my daughter got in she said its really hard to get in the door doesnt open wide enough, the rear doors same as the front open half way, you feel some resistance then open some more, the rear doors on mine did feel a bit stiff to open all the way. Just a thought
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