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I’m just wondering if any of you have ever come across with he same issue as I’m having.

I was happily driving my Juke Tekna (66) and when I wanted to put the cruise control on, suddenly the engine light came on still amber and the cruise control stopped working. The gear indicator seemed to be stuck as well.

After this happened, I stopped and checked the cars manual and realised that i might have serious problem here.
When I started the car again, it didn’t drive as before... slowed down gradually. I could hardly take it home. The following day the car hardly started...The next day I struggled to take the car to the local garage. The car is not running and misfiring.

My local garage (not a Nissan garage) put my car onto their Nissan fault reading machine and the following error code came up:
Fault code is showing faulty fuel pressure regulator.

This all happened 3 months after I purchased the car from Arnold Clark Inverness... They do not want to take any responsibility associated with this.

I’m wondering what does this fault indicator really mean.

Thank you in advance.

I have attached an image of my dash i took while driving the car before stopping.

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