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UPDATE: I have today bought a better handheld diagnostic code reader and it has read codes P0001 and P0090 which relate to the High Pressure Fuel Pump - Fuel Pressure Regulator (or high pressure fuel pump). My previous code reader didn't read ABS codes and my new one does - throwing up C1130 !!! Looks like I have two problems to sort out now....

Hi to forum. My daughter has a 2011 Juke with the 1.5 DCI engine which has covered 106,000 miles. It has a problem with the engine light coming on and presumably going into limp mode as it then has poor idling and low power. My generic scan tool shows a code of P0004 which according to Google relates to the fuel volume regulator Circuit High. Recently the ESC light has also been coming on. I am not getting any of the C**** codes suggesting a classic blocked turbo or EGR pressure pipe. I can't find any vacuum leaks and have checked wiring and connectors.

I can clear the code but it comes back. When cruising along it feels ok, then after a restart it flashes the yellow engine warning light then goes red.

My scan tool Showed the following settings on Live Data:

IDLE 875RPM pedal not pressed 2000 RPM with pedal pressed

LOAD PCT % fluctuating between 15 and 22 Fluctuating between 9 and 11

ECT Celsius 70 75

MAP 97 105 to 106

MAF g/s 5.64 5.64

TP (%) 0.0 0.0

I thought the TP stood for Throttle Position and should have readings at idle and as you press the throttle pedal ? I also thought the MAF figures should change ?

In relation to the ESC light showing as well, I have just changed the wheel bearing units at the front, brake pads and cleaned the ABS sensors as part of work required for the MOT and don't think it is has any ABS or traction control issues. Driving it in the snow early produced ESC lights to show and then clear when the front wheel(s) were skidding. When it got to full temp the ESC came on with the engine light.

When the ESC light stays on and you press the throttle pedal and it is under load the red engine warning light comes on until you back off a little and then turns off. This only happens when moving, in gear with the clutch pedal up. I can't replicate this by just revving the engine in neutral or with the clutch in and or in gear. I can't replicate it either by changing down a gear and watching the revs rise as it engine brakes. The red engine light only comes on when under load and the car is in gear with clutch up and then goes off when you back off the throttle. I am befuddled !! Any advice would be gratefully received but I am resigned to the fact that I might have to take it to my local garage. Thanks.
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