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Do we choose a colour just because we like it? Or is there something in our makeup that means it is not such a free choice? Your colours are listed below.
RED – The Fire
Red symbolizes: action, confidence, courage, vitality
VERB : I Have
Red Energy:
Red is the color of physical energy, passion, and desire.
It symbolizes action, confidence and courage.
Determination to go after your dreams and the power to achieve goals.
Red demands attention!
Boosts mental and physical energy.
Red is associated with passionate love, sex, great energy, impulse, adventure.
Bold and dynamic, confident and in control.
Willing to take risks.
Ambition and drive with a need for personal freedom.
The color red brings passion and strength to your relationships, your life and your work.
Red is powerfully linked to our most primitive physical, financial, and emotional needs of survival and self-preservation.

Meaning of Red Key Words:
excitement, energy, heat, love, determination, strength, power, confidence, action, passion, sex, impulse, desire, daring, fire, vigorous, enthusiasm, energetic, honest, devotion, protection, responsible, assertive, adventure, spontaneous, health, extroverted, good fortune, assertiveness and aggression, strong-willed, all things intense and passionate.

Silver Energy:

Silver is a mineral that is said to mirror the soul, strengthen the connection between astral and physical bodies, and enhance intuitive and psychic energies.
Silver is mystically considered to improve speech, bring eloquence. It is also purported to attract, enhance and store the energies of gemstones, as well as draw out negative energies.
Silver is related to the moon, and moon energies.
Silver, especially a shiny, metallic silver, is cool like gray but livelier, more playful. Silver can be sleek and modern or impart a feeling of ornate riches.Silver is a precious metal and other metals are often described as silver in color. Silver doesn't have the warmth of gold. It's a cool metal.Silver often symbolizes riches, just as gold does. Silver can be glamorous and distinguished. While gray-haired men and women are seen as old, silver-haired denotes a graceful aging. Silver is the traditional Twenty-Fifth Wedding Anniversary gift.

Keywords for Meaning of Silver :

glamourous, distinguishment, high tech, industrial, graceful aging, telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, psychometry, intuition, dreams, astral energies, female power, communication, goddess, ornate riches, sleekness, modernity.
Blue – The Singing Voice of Truth
Blue Sybolizes: Communication, Truth, Loyalty , Tranquility
Verb: I speak

Blue Energy:
Blue is the color of the sky and sea. Light blues suggest tranquility and spiritual awareness. They emanate tenderness.
Blue is considered beneficial to the mind and body. It slows human metabolism and produces a calming effect.
Blue stimulates appreciation of music and the arts, opens the mind to realities beyond the physical senses, and creates peace of mind and harmony of spirit.
Wondrous, heavenly blue soars above us. Look to it for peace, hope, and inspiration.
Darker shades of blue exude prestige and strength. Those who wear them such as business executives, the military, and the police, assume power and authority.
Research shows blue as the most favored color of all. As earnest and reliable as a pair of trusty jeans, hardly any shade or tint is offensive to anyone.
Blue is the color of the mind and is essentially soothing; it affects us mentally, rather than the physical reaction we have to red.

Key Words for Meaning of Blue:
peace, tranquility, calmness, harmony, trust, loyalty, honor, soothing,understanding, sincerity, devotion, patience, spirituality, intuition, inspiration, healing, peaceful dreams, love, acceptance, comfort, forgiveness, dependable, meditation, truth, productive, stability, confidence, unity, devotion, communication, creativity, coolness, water, ice, sky, technology, stable, classic, protective.

Gray symbolises:</font> Neutrality, Self-Control
Gray Energy:

Gray is at peace with itself. Like the wise crone or sage, it remains quietly in the background observing, detached, having no need to compete or prove anything. Like a standing stone, its strength is quiet, timeless, and classic. It is a sophisticated color without much of the negative attributes of black.
Light grays have an atmospheric quality of dove-like innocence. Dark grays carries with it some of the strength and mystery of black. Charcoal is a smart choice when you want the effect of black without the heaviness. Deep, bluish grays deliver rich masculinity.
Native Americans associate gray with friendship. Gray is the symbol for security, maturity and dependability. It connotes responsibility and conservative practicality.
All shades of gray can be good, neutral background colors. Use lighter grays in place of white and darker gray in place of black. Taupe, a grayish brown neutral is a conservative, slightly earthy, warm shade of gray.

Keywords for the Meaning of Gray:

security, reliability, intelligence, staid, modesty, dignity, maturity, solid, quiet, old age, practicality, professional, quality, sophisticated, classic, timeless, durability, gloominess, security, balance, neutrality, conservative, self-control, self-reliance.
White – The White Light of Spirit
White symbolizes: Purity, Cleanliness, Truth, Innocence, Light.
Verb: I am complete.

White Energy:
White projects purity, innocence, virginity, cleanliness, and neutrality. Doctors don white coats, brides traditionally wear white gowns and a white picket fence surrounds a safe and happy home.
It is good for new beginnings, enthusiasm, clarity of purpose, spiritual insights and inspiration.
White often reminds us of Heaven with angels dancing among the clouds in white flowing gowns and white wings. It is considered to be the color of perfection.
White means safety, strength, and cleanliness. White increases the flow of the life force.
The color white heals the body, mind and spirit at al levels. White means kindness. It stands for wholeness and completion. Represents openness and truth.
White is the perfect color; for it is all colors, in perfect balance and harmony.
Brides wear white in many countries, because white symbolizes a virgin. White daisies are a symbol of loyal love.
White is also associated with heroism and goodness.
It is the color of the awakened Spirit; the light of perfection; the light of the Cosmic Consciousness, the Divine Light. Just about everyone has heard of surrounding people with the "White Light of Healing and Protection."
As opposed to black, white usually has a positive connotation. Strictly speaking, white is not a color, but the manifestation of the presence of all color - the complete energy of light.Keywords for Meaning of White:
purity, harmony, balance, spirit, sincerity, angels, oneness, ritual, moon, goddess, new beginnings, simplicity, peace, good, innocence, virginity, youth, birth, marriage, perfection, winter, snow, cold, freshness, cleanliness, sterile, reverence, protection on all levels, divinity, cleansing, spirituality inspiration, invoking good spirits, spiritual enlightenment, truth, serenity, higher self, newness, precision.
Brown - The Solidity of the Earth
Brown symbolizes: earth, order, convention, stability, practicality
Verb: I am Home

Brown Energy:
Brown is the color of our earth and is associated with all things natural or organic.
Brown earth tones in primitive, rough, natural forms, such as rocks, fossils, nuts and shells, suggest our tribal ancestry. Interestingly, the same colors in more polished forms are sophisticated evoking culture and maturity.
Brown says stability, reliability, and approachability.
Some shades of brown create a warm, comfortable feeling of wholesomeness and dependability, family-life, loyal friends.
An earthly color for practical people with a preference for natural, tribal and primitive things, solidity and simplicity.
Brown gives you a feeling of relaxation and home coming. Think "brown leather chair" "brown corduroy jacket" "taupe and Smokey quartz", "garden and home". Brown makes you feel cozy, safe and warm.Family Unity.

Keywords for Meaning of Brown: earth, home, hearth, cozy, caring, stability, friendship, nurturing, common sense, dependable, reliability, security, practicality, calming, organic, outdoors, comfort, animals, grounding, endurance, simplicity, elegance, healing, orderly, sophisticated, conventional, earthly, tribal, totem animals, protection.

Black – The Root of Being
Black Symbolizes: Grounding, Protection, Power, Elegance
Verb: I am

Black Energy:
Black is cloaked in mystery. We hunger to know its secrets, yet we fear what may be revealed. As human beings, we yearn to unravel life’s secrets even as we fear the unknown. This desire/ fear response is the essential enigma of darkness. We are simultaneously drawn to and afraid of the mysteries within black.
Black is a powerful, bold and dramatic presence: heavy, dominating, and pervasive.
Symbolizes confidence, self-control and resilience. Black denotes strength and authority.
It is considered to be a very formal, elegant, and prestigious color (black tie, black Mercedes). A black suit or that "must have little black dress" can make you look thinner and sophisticated.
Meaning of black is authoritative and powerful; because black can evoke strong emotions too much can be overwhelming.
It is also mysterious, providing a sense of potential and possibility. Black is a color often shrouded in confusion. Many individuals shy away from Black or using Black, especially when using Color Therapy. Black is actually a protective color. It can be used to calm and ground extremely sensitive people. It activates the feminine or magnetic energies of the body, strengthening them.
Black is not a color, strictly speaking. It is the absence of all color. When people speak of opposites, it is usually in terms of black and white. Black, and its opposite white represent polarities. Black absorbs all aspects of light. While white reveals, black conceals.
Black contrasts well with bright colors. Combined with red or orange – other very powerful colors – black gives a very aggressive color scheme.

Keywords for Meaning of Black:

elegance, formal, dramatic, sophistication, bold, confidence, strength, power, protection, mysterious, authority, classy, committed, serious, depth, wealth, absence of color, grounding, style, classic, polished, secrecy, seriousness, underground, hiding, aggressive, survival, self-control.

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I chose mine as I like RED, but also i have to see a car in the colour to decide if it works some cars just look wrong in some colours
black will never happen as wife hates black and white for that matter, silver is too common and i dont think the juke looks its best in silver, gun is ok but doesn't light my fire enough, the other colours are too obscure for me so it had to be the RED</font>. which insidentally is the best looking colour to get a Juke in,

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Hear, hear, Deks36.
Although, I must say, after living in beautiful Spain for seven years, I guess a sand colour would have been more appropriate, because we are semi-desert, with the attendant dust that covers a car only 20 minutes after washing it!

However, they do not make the Juke in that colour, so, it has to be my mostfavourite colour, which as you say, fits the shape and style perfectly, IMHO.


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We really thought the black looked sharp and were going to chose it. But then when we came back for a second test drive the car had gotten a bit wet and had spots all over it that you could see from pretty far away. Looked terrible. Anyway, we ended up with the gray metallic with the black and silver interior. Couldn't be happier. The Juke has a lot of dust and some water spots on it now and you can't even tell if it wasn't for the windows being spotted. Plus I think the gray (and the silver) really bring out the curves in the Juke's sheet metal.

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I chose red because it matches the interior (and my favourite scarf
). I just wanted inside and outside to match and these did. What I really wanted was purple interior and exterior. Not to everyones taste i'm surebut I would have loved it

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FriendlyWombat said:
I chose red because it matches the interior (and my favourite scarf
). I just wanted inside and outside to match and these did. What I really wanted was purple interior and exterior. Not to everyones taste i'm surebut I would have loved it
Something like this maybe?


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Now I def would have gone for that lol. Seriously though, the shape of the JUKE and the (i think) funky interior, I was suprised that the colour options are so "conservative".

My friends got a squeeze green new fiesta and it really goes with the styling on the car. The JUKE is a big car and it probably would have been too much but come on - stands out in a crowd. lol

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I couldn't decide between the red, white or black - but the Juke I took for a test drive was black and I thought it looked a bit insignificant somehow, so that and probably the fact that I wanted a change - my last two cars were black, eventually helped me make my decision.

I thought seriouslyabout the white because it's pretty fashionable again, but everyone kept telling me it would be a nightmare to keep clean. So that only left one contender- RED, and normally I hate red cars- but the Juke red is gorgeous, and I have absolutely no regrets!

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Red because my OH thought it would look good in red. Black is insignificant. White I like and would just as easily have chosen as red. Blue and brown? No. No. No. The gunmetal is good but it didn't occur to me as silver cars are so boring. The gunmetal isn't dull though.
Happy with red. But white or gunmetal are good too.
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