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Okay first right up for me and pardon for my maybe bad english

First how to for removing radio (2din connect version, but I guess the other will be te same)

First of all make sure you cover some thing up with a cloth to make sure you are not scratching the console for example

First remove the airco Icon part

take a flatblade screw driver and some cloth en put it in the the whole (zie the red marks)

Slightly pul the screwdriver toward you and then also pul with your vingers the upperpart off. First time can be pretty hard, and be carefull you don;t scratch anything

Then the part wich surrounds the radio.

Remove the two screws (red marks)

Pul the part toward you again carfully, but this one goes easier then the arico/icon one. Start pulling and the red marks (see puicture)

When you remove this one you only left to remove the for screw of the radio (zie red marks) and voila.

This picture you see the backside off the radio, wich you can see has a few plugs (5)

hope you guys have everything the same, any questions, just ask

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if you decide to remove your connect radio( see pictures ) and built in another 2din with
a workingrear camera you need to make a connector with a Ubec. (12v to 6v)
I didmake that for the dutchjukeand qashqai owners.
this is the upper connector from the connect radio.

Ipostsome pictures later here.. how to do that.

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