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My partners car which is a 62 plate Juke (Think it is a DCI) was having issues around a year ago when it was wet weather outside the car struggled to start up, was ticking over after a few minutes the car would spark and power on. Over time it became more frequent - took it to garages and they couldn't find nothing.

Winter arrived in 2017 very cold outside and it would hardly start up, ticking over would happen then no spark. We had it at garages and people coming to our house to look. Checked battery, sparks, plugs all that jazz and was unable to find an issue. One guy came and got it start from spraying LYNX into a filer tube. This worked for around a week and now the car will not power up. No lights on dashboard to indicate what the issue would be.

Anyone else had same issue? Or anyone know what this could be? We are really stuck on what to do with the car now. Should we risk the charge taken it to a Nissan garage?
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