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2011 1.5dci
Does anyone know what this engine/alternator should charge at?
I read all sorts about the variable charge system that the car might have..
Currently charging at around 12.8V which for me seems low.
Flat battery a few days ago, replaced with new, but feel the battery wasn’t really at fault..
Any info appreciated !!
Hi there.... my 65 plate 1.5dci is charging at 13.48v with the lights on full beam,rear window heater,fog lights ect on sits at 12.37v with the engine off .
At cranking it dips to low 10v then within about 5 seconds of starting it leaps to low 14's for about 20 seconds,then sits around 12.85v
It has a new S/S battery .... still has its days when for some unknown reason its as flat as a witches t...pancake

Ive been trying to trace a P0201,0202,0203,0204 injector fault code and have found out that this can be caused by an aftermarket alternator sending the wrong signal back to the ecm and battery conditioner.
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