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Hello everyone,

I bought my partner a Juke and all in all its been a decent car,however it has developed a strange fault.

The car pulls really hard to the left under power and shifts back to the right when you release the throttle.

Ive looked at all the possible causes,but have found something really worrying going on underneath .

It has been making a constant droning noise as if a wheel bearing was on its way out,so i checked them all and they seem ok.I decided to put it up on axle stands and notice if i spin either front wheel by hand they seem notchy and a strange grinding noise comes from the diff.

I have put the car in gear and both wheels spin but as soon as i start to take the revs over 3k the left wheel makes a crunching sound and stops spinning straightaway but the right side wheel keeps spinning.
I then turned the traction control off and repeat the process of running the car through the gears and its fine once the traction control has been turned off,no crunching sounds or stalling the left wheel.

Do think i might need a new diff,i suspect the droning noise is coming from there.

When i drive the car with the traction control off it is still pulling left under acceleration and drifting back over to the right when i take my foot off the power.

Help appreciated
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