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Seeking some help my car battery got a parstic draw that local garages can't find and cross information on the issue. The car is a 64 plate 1.2 dig-t i got it in 2018 and the issue was present with the old battery where as I can sit with just radio on and battery would be dead with in 10-15min.

I had the battery replaced by halfords as they said it was that along with rac. Fast forward 1year and the issue is back but worse the car will not start after 2 days, will not charge battery 100% after driving 140miles, if stop start kick in to much leaves me dead in middle road. All okay after a jump.

Been 4 garages 1 being halfords to check their battery they said battery is okay and it's the alternator. Another said alternator. 2 others said charging system okay and electric fault.
  • If I disconnect battery when car is running the alternator will keep it running.
  • I'm getting 14.3v at battery with lights ac on and rev 2.5k
I have booked it in at the dealer but afraid they gonna charge me £100 for diagnostic and not find fault or miss- diagnose and still be chasing the issue. Have anyone experienc this or offer some advice?
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