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I have read posts from a couple of different people regarding problems with the steering wheel cover starting to peel!

I read that in one case, even after agreeing to replace the item, it was suggested that the damage was probably caused by wearing a ring??

Quite rightly the customer was incensed!! For me, that would be putting it mildy!! I have no idea which incompetant jobsworthy thought up that excuse but I like to wear a bit of bling, which includes my wedding ring?

How dare, I say again, how dare someone make that absolutely stupid comment!!

In seven years of ownership of my RAV4, includingwearing a ring,the steering wheel cover has achieved a rather attractive sheen, certainly no damage whatsoever!

Maybe the ridiculously long wait I am experiencing for my "all singing and dancing" Juke will give the company the opportunity to rectify some of the concerns shown by its customers?

I genuinely regard and respectNissan as one of the leading Japanese companies for vehicle manufacture, dispensing quality products. Please listen to your customers in an intelligent way. We want to be proud of our Jukes and show them to interested people with a feeling of prestige, not chagrin.
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